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The Gideon School District offers parent access to student records through our Parent Web Portal.  This portal is part of our WeBSIS Student Information System from Lumen Software.  We started using the new WeBSIS Student Information System at the begnning of the 2007-2008 school year.  We will be building the system as we move into the future.  Current year information is available for all currently enrolled students.  Limited information for high school students is available for years prior to 2007-2008.  If you are the parent or guardian of a student in our school system, you may request access to the Parent Web Portal.  This is a secure portal that requires password protected login over the Internet.  Internet access and a compatable web browser are required for access.  After successful verification of a parent/guardian access request, login information will be provided to those who request it and who qualify.

Please note that when you access the Parent Portal, you need to make sure that any Pop Up blockers are turned off.  You will not be able to print many items from the portal if your pop blocker is not turned off.

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Updated 01/13/2009