Special Education once meant education of students who had great difficulty learning.  Today, the term "special" education refers to all services which require parent permission and specialized teaching before a child may receive the "special" service.


Speech and Language Therapy - Speech Therapy deals with four major areas.  Language therapy is needed when a child lacks age appropriate skills in understanding and/or using language structures.  Articulation therapy serves children who have difficulty producing speech sounds.  However, speech sounds are developmental.  For example, a kindergarten child who cannot say the "r" sound correctly would not require therapy but a second grade student would need therapy.  Thirdly, Speech Therapy also deals with dysfluency, which is commonly called stuttering.  Lastly, some children have abused their voices which results in a hoarse quality.  Voice therapy helps children learn healthy voice habits.


Learning Disabilities - There are numerous ways in which anyone may be learning disabled, and most people have some area which gives them trouble.  However, learning disabilities class is needed when a certain area in a child's education is keeping the child from performing at the level of other children when there is no reason to suspect a more severe problem.


EMH - This class is for students who require more intense, individualized instruction throughout the school day.


These special services are assigned to students only after a team of teachers has tested, studied results, and discussed these results with parents.  Parents have all legal access to records and the recourse to refuse services or request an independent evaluation.  More information may be received by contacting Micah Breece, testing coordinator.




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Updated  8/16/17