Good Citizenship

Good citizenship is demonstrated by respect for school, community, and self.

Students participating in the A+ schools program must maintain a record of "good citizenship" to qualify for post-secondary grant assistance.

Second semester seniors seeking A+ grant assistance must pick up an eligibility status report form from the A+ schools coordinator or the counselor.   The principal will indicate on the form whether or not the student has maintained "good citizenship".  If the student's citizenship record is acceptable a certificate will be placed in the student's A+ schools portfolio.  Eligibility determination is made by the appropriate assistant principal.  A citizenship review committee will be assembled to rule on exceptions or unique situations.

The following criteria regarding the schools discipline policy will serve as a measurable indicator of respect for school and self:

Board of Education Policy JFCL States:
An important component of the A+ Schools Program is the fostering of good citizenship in our district's students.  A student demonstrates good citizenship by showing respect for self, law, property and the rights of others.  Students have not demonstrated good citizenship if they have:

Citizenship committee

In the event of a dispute concerning the citizenship qualification, a citizenship review committee will be assembled.  The committee will consist of the following individuals (unless a different committee is established by the board of education):

    Gideon High School Principal
    Student Counselor

The committee will handle any appeals and the decision of the committee will be final.

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Last Updated: 06/14/07