May 19,2014

The Gideon School District

The Gideon School District is noted throughout the state and region as providing one of the best technologically rich environments for students and the community . Every high school classroom is equipped with multiple Internet connected computers. The high school houses two computer labs and an interactive television classroom capable of providing distance learning classes. A combined media center houses several networked computers and provides online access to the library collection and other resources. The elementary school provides computers in nearly classroom. Fourth through sixth grade classrooms are eMints classrooms with a goal of one computer for every two students. Wireless access points are located throughout the campus. All computers in the district are networked and provide patrons with full Internet access. For over a decade the district has attempted to stay on the leading edge of educational technology. We were one of the first distrists to host our own Gopeher site and moved to hosting our own web site as the World Wide Web was first developing. The district operates several web servers that offer portals for parents, teachers, employees, and students. We utilize many Internet applications to help enhance our operationand the educational process.

Our Mission

The mission of the Gideon School District is to educate students to become responsible, productive participants in society.

Our Beliefs

Our Vision

All students can learn and have the right to learn. The vision of the Gideon No. 37 School District is to help students acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to become healthy, happy, and productive adults who perpetuate and improve the democratic process through positive impact on their communities, their country, and their world.

All teachers have the right to teach. This school's mission can only be accomplished when all teachers are provided with the appropriate environment conducive to learning and helping students become enthusiastic, lifelong learners capable of adjusting to change. All members of the school and community have the responsibility to make this possible.