August 19, 2015

Technology Focus

The Gideon School District is committed to providing the best possible education for our students. We live in a world where technology literacy is critical. It is our intention to provide a technology rich environment with access to the necessary technology tools for our teachers and students.

The "Help Desk" link provides guidance on how to submit maintenance and technology support requests.

The Internet contains a wide variety of information. The "Check a Website" link provides you with the opportunity to find out how nearly 1 billion Internet sites are classified by Lightspeed Systems. This can help you determine if the information is reliable and if the web site is safe.

All users of the Gideon School District Network are required to have agreed to an Acceptable Use Policy as defined in our Network Agreement. The agreement is available from the link in the left menu column.

There are a lot of hoaxes, false claims, and false chain letters on the Internet. The "Virus Hoaxes" link takes you to the Sophos web site where you will find reliable information about a number of current hoaxes and false threats circulating on the Internet.

The final menu item provides information about Internet Safety and can help you avoid falling prey to some of the scams and tricks that are currently being utilized.