Jun. 5, 2013

Gideon iPad Information

The Gideon School District originally selected the iPad 2 as an instructional tool within the district. New additions utilize the latest version of the iPad with specifications as similar as possible to the original selection.  Initially, students in grades 4-7 will be participated in the iPad program through grant funding.  We have now implemented a 1:1 project across grades 4-12 where every student will have access to an iPad.  It is our goal to expand the 1:1 program to 3rd grade.  Students in pre-K through second grade will eventually have access to iPads, but probably not on a 1:1 scale.

Gideon iPad Frequently Asked Questions 

We will maintain a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) listing where you can find answers to the most common questions about the iPad program at Gideon.  The FAQ page includes information about how to submit a question if you can't find an answer in the documents on this page or in the FAQ.  Click on the link below to access the FAQ page.

Success-for-All iPad Program Frequently Asked Questions

Gideon iPad Documents

Success-for-All iPad Handbook 
The latest version of the iPad Handbook for students (Version 1.02 - 2/27/2012).  

Tablet Computer Agreement
A signed Tablet Computer Agreement must be on file before students will be allowed to take the iPads home.  The frequency of at home use allowed is dependent upon grade level and student maturity.  One of the main goals of our program is to provide a tool by which students can access learning opportunities 24/7. 

Gideon Tablet Protection Plan Renewal
This form is used to renew the tablet protection plan at the beginning of a new school year.  The Gideon School District offers an optional Tablet Protection Plan that covers the student iPad from accidental damage within the parameters defined within the plan.  This coverage is only available at the beginning of each semester and must be purchased before a loss occurs in order to cover the loss.  There is a deductible involved with any loss.  Parents who keep the iPad covered the entire time their child is at Gideon (contingent upon a minumum number of semesters of attendance) may take possession of the iPad upon graduation provided there have been no claims under the protection plan.  See the Success-for-All iPad Handbook for complete details.

Network/Internet User Agreement (Acceptable Use Policy - AUP)
All tablet use on the Gideon School District network, whether by district owned devices or student owned devices, must conform to the Network/Internet User Agreement (AUP).   This agreement is subject to revision as needed or required by statute and regulation. 

District Installed Apps on Student iPads
The district provides a suite of pre-installed apps that focus on enabling student creativity and enhancing learning opportunities.  This list generally applies to iPads distributed in grades 4-12 and does not include all apps that may be installed by the district.  This list is subject to change.

Content Filter Authentication from Off Campus
When off campus, all iPads are filtered through our content filter.  To access the Internet OR to use any apps that require Internet access, you must authenticate by using your network login and password.

How to Manage Music, Podcasts, and Apps on Your iPad
Due to the way district manage apps are installed, students cannot sync their iPad to another computer or to iCloud.  This document provides guidance on how students can install their own apps and use their own music and  and podcasts.

Using the EBSCOhost App on Your iPad
EBSCOhost provides a free iPad app that is loaded on student iPads.  To use the iPad app, students must sign into EBSCOhost either on campus or using the remote access codes and have a special mobile access code sent to their email.  The mobile access code will activate access on the mobile app for 90 days.  You will have to reactivate in 90 days.  This document explains the process.

Parent Letter - District Online Resources
The district provdes access to several online resources to help expand the educational opportunities for your child.  This letter provides information to parents about the most commonly used district applications along with individually identifiable student data collected with each application.

iPad Control Gestures and Screen Organization Tips
This document provides information about some ways to control actions on your iPad screen as well as tips for screen organization.

Using Book Creator on the iPad
This video was created by John Hendron for use at the school where he teaches.  It was originally shared on John's blog "TechTimes Blog" and is featured in his school's iTunes U listings.

Using Rosetta Stone on the iPad
This document provides instructions about how to access the Gideon School District Rosetta Stone Classroom on the iPad.

iPad Promotional Video

A great video about the potential impact of the iPad in education.

Looking to the Future - William Woods University

William Woods University professor Dr. Roger Wen and junior student Jesse Zink talking about why the Gideon iPad program is important.