Sept. 8, 2011

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Introduction to A+ Schools

In May of 1997, Gideon High School was designated as one of the first A+ Schools in the state.  This designation means that those graduates of Gideon High School who meet the specific requirements are eligible for a two-year grant to a Missouri Junior College or postsecondary school.  The grant will pay for tuition. 

Effective August 28, 2010, oversight of the A+ program will be transferred from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE).  MDHE is now administering the postsecondary scholarship component of the A+ program.

To enroll in the program you must have a signed A+ Agreement on file.  You can download the correct agreement below and return the completed agreement to the high school counselor or high school principal.

A+ Agreement for students graduating before 2015

A+ Agreement for students graduating 2015 and after

Eligibility Requirements

Where Can I Use the A+ Scholarship?

In general, you can use your A+ Scholarchip at a Missouri 2 year Community College and approved Vocational Technical Schools. The Missouri Department of Higher Educaton maintains a list of eligible A+ Community Colleges and Vocational Technical Schools.

For more information about about our A+ Schools program contact the High School Office