May 9, 2013

Gideon School District
Annual Performance Data

Every year the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education publishes an Annual Performance Report (APR) for each school district in the state.  The APR scores district performance as if that district were going through an MSIP review during that year. This can provide a "heads up" for the district if they are not meeting certain standards as well as providing districts with the opportunity to find errors in the reported data.

The data is presented on a district level as well as for each building.  Supporting data is available for the district report.

Most Recently Posted Data

Gideon School District School Data Summary Page -- Summary of school district data as maintined on the DESE site.  Links to a variety of data sources for the Gideon School District.

District Accountability Report Card -- This contains the most recently posted perormance data for the Gideon School District

School Accountability Report Card for Gideon High School -- This contains the most recently posted performance data for Gideon High School

School accountability Report Card for Gideon Elementary School -- This contains the most recently posted performance data for Gideon High School


Student performance is an ongoing concern for our district.  That is why we are in the process of implementing some research-based strategies to help address performance at all grade levels, in all subject areas, and with all students.  We are taking steps in the right direction but it will take all of us working together to impact this situation.  

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