Gideon Historical Photo Gallery
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Picture of the sophomores in 1976
Picture of Elementary Principals J. Holiman(1982-2000) and J. Shelton(1952-1981)
Picture of Superintendents of the Gideon School District
Old picture of men, possibly one of the first school boards
Picture of the elementary building
A picture of the construction of the new gym
A picture of two men, one's accepting a plaque of some kind
A drawn picture of the future plans of Gideon School District #37
The New Madrid Earthquake on a scale
A picture of an Indian mound, the Hopewell Indians
A picture of the football team in the year of 1929
A picture of the third grade class of 1932
A picture of downtown Gideon in 1925
A newspaper clipping of the high school band in the 1940's
A newspaper clipping of a new ambulance in the 1940's
A newspaper clipping of a Baptist church in 1941
A newspaper clipping of Fletcher's store in the 1940's
A newspaper clipping of the original log house in Gideon
Picture of what once was part of a swamp in Lilbourn
Picture of crowd in front of two buildings
Some men standing in the lumber company
Fairbanks, Morse and Co. letter
Picture of a bunch of cars and people
People standing in front of a train
The first store in town
Picture of a boxcar at the lumber company
Picture of 3 men in the dry cleaners
Picture of boxes made by the Gideon-Anderson Company
W.P. Anderson, Founder and President of the Gideon-Anderson Lumber Company
N.C. Anderson, Manager of the Collection Dept. in the Gideon-Anderson Lumber Company
W.H. Lunbeck, Manager of Wholesale Lumber in the Gideon-Anderson Lumber Company
Gideon-Anderson Lumber Company Main Headquarters
Mrs. Bernice Turner, Manager of the Sherman Hotel
Mr. Frank Parker, Manager of Box Plant
M.S. Anderson, VP of Gideon-Anderson Lumber Company
R.T. Stokes, Secretary of Gideon-Anderson Lumber Company
Newspaper clipping of the high school in 1940
School-rear of the school building in 1915
Early 1900's
Lumber Company
Lumber Company
Lumber Company
Aerial view of school
Aerial view of school
Man standing on a dock on the river
A picture of a boat
A family picture
Wagon with lumber
Newspaper clipping of Gideon's Hopkin's Clinic/Hospital
Newspaper clipping of Gideon's Rec Center
Newspaper clipping of the Gideon-Anderson Box Plant, Lumber Mill, and Company
Man standing in front of house with train in the background
A group of people standing in a store
People standing in front of the Red Crown gas station
Picture of the shoe store
Picture of a diesel
Picture of the power plant
A picture of the Old IGA
Picture of people sitting in an old office
Picture of a boy standing in a store
Picture of a graduate class
Picture of men on the railroad track

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